ROBIN NEST Early Learning Centres provide the highest level of care and education.

Please Contact Us for a current fee schedule.

Fees are payable two week advance.

ROBIN NEST Early Learning Centres use the Ezi debit (direct Debit) payment system for fee collection.

Childcare Benefits and Childcare Rebate

All the programs at ROBIN NEST Early Learning Centres are approved for purpose of child Care Benefits(CCB) by Department of Human Services.

To find out if your family is eligible for both the Child Care Benefits (CCB) and 50% Child Care Tax Rebate for out-of-pocket expenses please contact The Department of human Services for more information on CCB and CCR.

Common Questions about Child Care and Child Benefits and the Child Care Rebate:

As Everyone’s circumstances are different the following information is the guide only. Please contact The Department of Human Services to discuss individual eligibility.


The Child Care Benefit is paid directly to your Childcare provider reducing your daily fees.

The 50% rebate can be paid in multiple way.

Please contact The Department of Human Services for  further information.

CCB is means tested so that amount you receive depends on your family income.

The 50% Child care rebate is calculated on your Out-of-Pocket expenses. Please refer to The Department of Human Services.

On the Department of Human Services you will find the Child Care Online Estimator. The estimator lets you work out Childcare payment you may get, based on your individual circumstances.

You can work out a dollar amount for Child Care Benefits for approved care. Child Care Rebate entitlements and out of pocket Childcare costs.

Use the Childcare Online Estimator