Emilia Dawson


– Bachelor of Arts (Monash)

– Graduate Diploma of Education (Early Childhood), (RMIT)

– Diploma In Community Services (Child Care), (Chisholm Institute)

– ASG-NEITA Community Merit Award( 2004)

– Finalist- Herald- Sun Teaching Awards(2004)

– Workplace First Aid

– Emergency Asthma and Anaphylaxis Management

Please speak to me in English and Greek

I have been working with children in different settings for over twenty years, 13 of which in the capacity of Pre-School Teacher. I have worked as a Pre-school teacher at Robin’s Nest for over 7 years. During this time, I had lots of opportunities to discover my creativity in setting up different learning environments with stimulating experiences to foster children’s learning. My special interests in the program were to develop every aspect of the curriculum. I am passionate about how children learn, see them as strong and competent individuals and see my role as a facilitator, researcher, nurturer and guide in helping children acquire life skills. I spend my personal time with my family and friends, especially my husband Paul and our children Melina, Stephanie and Peter. We like to explore the great outdoors in doing bushwalking, camping, canoeing, traveling. In my spare time I also like to cook, work in the garden and do tapestries.

Currently I am working in the capacity of Centre Manager


In my capacity as a centre manager, I’ll endeavour to use my knowledge and skills to lead the staff team in creating a safe, nurturing and stimulating centre environment where families, staff and children feel welcomed and belong.

I ‘ll support and mentor all staff to implement the Early Years Learning Framework in their programs to achieve the best outcomes for the children’s care and education, establishing clear goals and expectations for teaching and learning.

I’ll support and encourage all staff to increase their skills, knowledge and qualifications by undertaking study and professional development opportunities. All staff, children, families interests, skills, abilities and cultural background will be embraced , respected and included .

I have a strong commitment to continuous quality improvement for the centre and it’s operations.

Should you have any concerns, feedback, ideas, suggestions, please feel free to come and discuss them with me.